Not-Quite-Georgia Julep


Julep Tin
Created: Phil Ward, 2008, Death & Company
Recipe from Death & Co
Uploaded by: @alex


1 oz
1 oz
Laird's 100 Proof Straight Apple Brandy (Bottled in Bond)
1 tsp
G.E. Massenez Crème de Pêche
1 tsp
simple syrup
mint bouquet as garnish


  1. Add ingredients to the julep tin
  2. Fill the tin halfway with crushed ice
  3. Stir with a spoon, churning the ice as you go, for 10 seconds, holding the tin by the bottom
  4. Add more crushed ice so the tin is two-thirds full and stir until the tin is completely frosted
  5. Add more ice to form a cone above the rim
  6. Garnish with mint bouquet in the center of the ice
  7. Serve with a straw

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