Monte Cassino


Created: Damon Dyer, 2010, Louis 649
Uploaded by: @alex


34 oz
Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey
34 oz
Yellow Chartreuse
34 oz
34 oz
lemon juice
lemon twist as garnish

Shake it Up

  1. Shake all ingredients with ice
  2. Strain into coupe glass
  3. Garnish with lemon twist

Background & History

This riff on the Last Word was created by Damon Dyer in 2010 at the (now closed) Louis 649 bar in New York City. It was the winner in the cocktail contest held for Benedictine's 500th Anniversary. The cocktail takes its name from Monte Cassino, a rocky hill in Italy that's home to an abbey, the first house of the Benedictine Order, established by Benedict of Nursia in 529.

Notes & Review

A well-balanced, herbaceous cocktail based on the Last Word spec. Really smooth and interesting; both complex and refreshing.

Comments & Notes

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