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Created: Tony Roehr, 2020, Raised By Wolves
Adapted from Imbibe
Uploaded by: @alex


1 oz
reposado tequila
1 oz
14 oz
crème de cacao chocolate liqueur
14 oz
St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram
2 dash
Angostura aromatic bitters
orange twist as garnish

Stir it Up

  1. Stir all ingredients over ice
  2. Strain into rocks glass with one large ice cube
  3. Garnish with orange twist

Background & History

A split-base cocktail combining tequila and mezcal with a helping of sweet spice from the crème de cacao, allspice dram, and Angostura bitters.

Notes & Review

Potentially a riff on the Oaxaca Old-Fashioned, this is a lovely sipper, especially for the holidays. Smooth, subtly smoky, with hints of chocolate and lots of aromatic spices from the Angostura and allspice dram (which I'd maybe cut down to 1 tsp in future makings). The original recipe instructs to build this in-glass with only a few stirs but we found it better with a full stir for more coldness and slightly more dilution.

Comments & Notes

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