Gypsy Eyes


Created: Jessica Gonzalez, 2009, Death & Company
Recipe from Death & Co
Uploaded by: @alex


1 rinse
Green Chartreuse
112 oz
Beefeater London Dry Gin
12 oz
12 oz
lime juice
12 oz
grapefruit juice
14 oz
simple syrup

Shake it Up

  1. Rinse coupe glass with Green Chartreuse and dump
  2. Shake rest of ingredients with ice
  3. Strain into coupe

Notes & Review

Sour, sweet and a touch bitter. A refreshing, easy-to-drink cocktail made more complex with notes of Green Chartreuse. The bitter and sweet of the grapefruit and Aperol play off each other and the lime adds a sour kick. Very tasty but not entirely memorable.

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