Espresso Martini


Martini / Cocktail
Created: Dick Bradsell, 1983, Soho Brasserie
Uploaded by: @alex


2 oz
1 oz
Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
12 oz
Marie Brizard Cacao Blanc White Crème de Cacao
1 oz
coffee beans as garnish

Shake it Up

  1. Let espresso cool to room temperature (if possible)
  2. Shake all ingredients, vigorously, with ice
  3. Double strain into martini glass
  4. Garnish with coffee beans, floated on the froth

Notes & Review

Refreshing, delicious and comes with a perk. This is a forgiving drink, so feel free to modify the ratios to your liking and experiment with different coffee liqueurs and sweeteners. Some recipes call for simple syrup or vanilla syrup. Some use Crème de Cacao, others use vanilla-flavored vodka. The three coffee beans floated on the froth are the common garnish; you can also try expressing a lemon twist to the glass for a nice hint of citrus. You'll want to shake vigorously to get the proper froth. You can also experiment with adding a small amount of aquafaba (chickpea "juice") to enhance the effect and not change the taste.

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