Aperol Spritz


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3 oz
2 oz
1 oz
club soda
orange crescent as garnish


  1. Add all ingredients into white wine glass filled most of the way with ice
  2. Drop an orange crescent into the drink

Background & History

Also known as a Spritz Veneziano, this sparkling wine-based cocktail is Italian in origin and usually enjoyed as a summer aperitif.

Notes & Review

Light, refreshing and immensely drinkable, the Aperol Spritz is not winning any awards for complexity, but it's a great cocktail for a hot summer day. The proportions can vary, but there's always more sparkling wine than Aperol and more Aperol than club soda. The Aperol will add both more sweetness and bitterness so you can play with the proportions. A dry sparkling white wine is best for the Aperol Spritz, and a Prosecco is usually used to make it Italian through and through, but any dry sparkling white wine will do just fine.

Comments & Notes

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